Vaccine Hesitancy, Systemic Accountability, and the Black Lived Experience.

  1. Understands the healthcare system as one of many racist systems that continues to oppress Black people. Engage Black patients as whole people who are also harmed by economic, educational, judicial, and government systems.
  2. Moves beyond simply acknowledging the history of medical and scientific racism. Assume that Black patients have directly experienced medical harm or mistreatment across different health systems in the recent past and address it.
  3. Centers the Black lived experienced as critical and valuable knowledge. Validate it by asking Black people what systemic measures and processes are essential to them in assessing the safety of medications and vaccines.
  4. Highlights the ways a given healthcare system has developed ethical relationships with Black communities outside of healthcare. Develop Black business and community connections that are invested in systemic change.
  5. Creates mechanisms to achieve equitable healthcare for Black communities. Establish coordinated programs and workshops that provide training and professional development in health equity that specifically focus on anti-Black systemic racism.



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Redefining Health Data…Connecting Black Communities to their Data.